Hello. I am A.j. Binash

Hello. My name is A.j. Binash. A cliché introduction, but like most of the populace I am complacent in my lust for repetition. However, a repetitious introduction can be a wonderful thing! There’s a certain comfort awarded to those who know the outcome. For what follows a
is a byproduct of random speak. It can end with a lover straining her language to find my weak point, or a friend reassuring me with that comfortable phrase “Don’t kill yourself!”

Of course, don’t get the impression I am suicidal…or lacking in joy. Everyday I feel the wrinkles on my face fold into a smile…I am certain suicidal people smile all the time. Which leads me to wonder, did they find a smile baked onto Sylvia Plath’s lips?

But there’s forever going to be numerous moments when ending it all seems the only option, within those Robin Williams’ time-stamps comes that little songbird chirping: “don’t do it. Don’t do it.” For, by and large, love surpasses the one option. The final bow.

That’s the problem with good-byes. We all know what follows them. Invisible company. That choking feeling associated with looking at old photographs. Masturbating nostalgia.

I am tired of the past. The coulda-woulda-shoulda…Three Monkey mindset. So, like the poets of yore I am hitting the Road! Filling my days with nothing but

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog-to document my travels. As I search for the more, instead of the less.

I promise to be honest with what I discover.

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