And I Think of Her. In Ballets. Inside. And Alone.


Rested my tongue in her womb
Like a petrified fetus.

And spoke of rational love,
Despite the fact,
That all my words contained placenta.

And I begged:
Be my friend.
I just need one.
I have some inches of thought
We can share them…hell…
take em’ all.”

Her Kegel muscles swelled,
Constricting my taste buds.

I looked at rain drops
Sprinkling the windows.
Heard the baptism of car tires
Skipping across potholes.
And the
Laughter of children.

I slid my tongue out,
But kept it drying
In air.

She turned into the moment
Before a person falls asleep.

“Stay for your lullaby.”
I said to her frightened smile.

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