It’s a Man-Baby World and Baby I am Crying.


The sewage tub was full of chlorinated potential. I bathed in it until my body hair mutated green and all I could smell was Autumn.
Street sweepers thundered past, collecting the strength of troubled death. Retired veterans of suburban galore-d, saluted, showing their age spots
Like Purple Hearts.
The steadied hum of bathroom fans sang to the black mold. I opened the glass. Watched as the whiteout, that is overcast,
Absolved into Utopian winds. I blinked yellow from my eyes. Spat on the hepatitis that died at my feet. Through the stitching of a screen,
Two homosexual squirrels performed oral sex on each other
In my neighbor’s gazebo. They treated each other’s nuts like acorns.
I filmed most of it.
Posted it on YouPorn.
The video is now rated as highly as those who watched it.

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