I Battle with Technology all Day to Publish Stupid, F***ING, Poems.

exist 2

The stench of menthol cigarettes follows
Lenin, Marilyn
And some disguise cloaked into syllables.

And the air walks past a detonating fountain.
Chlorine blends with burnt tobacco and cyanide.
Reflections pretend the windows are mirrors
Finding solace among the brined fingerprints
Dissolved on the glass.

Water screams a placating howl.

And the air reminds them
That all fingerprints are unique.

But in the end we came from a vigorous dust
That pulled the universe in like a rape victim.

Doesn’t the Grotesque demonstrate something vital:
Snow descending through smoke.
A sad blonde drugged and fucked by the President.

All afternoon fingerprints reach into bags
Purchased from vending machines.
Plastic crinkles remind glucose
Of its motive to dictate mood-swings.
Thus profiling existentialism
As a poem written about death
By Dylan Thomas.

So, to choke on plastic
A reminder of existence
Scrolls across cellphone screens
Like a CNN news ticker.

We’re all thinking that new forms of communication
Are reminders of progress…
But what happened to the clarity of suicide?

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