Bargain Priced Conflicts


She sits by the window
Painting air.

Her silhouette basking in the street lamp’s glow.
Shimmering from the parking lot,
Silent except for a semi-truck,
Running idle.

I walk towards her.
Color fills the spaces of shadow
That resonates like sunshine through stained glass.

There’s no church of God here,
Where God is needed most.

Before I discovered color
Avoiding eye contact
With dilated pupils
Drooling black.

Holding the door open
For a stoned, one-legged man.
As he wheeled past, I smiled.
Without dissonance he responded:
“Fuck you.”

It wasn’t hard to discover
The police were a phone call away.
They had to prove their worth.
What better playground for a predator
Than a hotel full of sedated swine.

I just wanted to scream!
“Yeah, beware the supplier…
…but the butcher is worse.”

But instead I witnessed infected track-marks.
By God isn’t it true,
There’s no such thing as a clean vein.

I am sober now.

But she is.
And she clicks her tongue ring
Along strong enamel.
Strong enough
To explain color.

I think I will sit here with her.

So we can pretend the darkness happened
Because we closed our eyes.

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