When White People Riot It Is Bad for Ratings.


I ordered a plain cheese pizza.
Sat on my leather upholstered sofa,
And watched the Ferguson Riots
I concluded it was my duty,
As a white liberal,
To support them.
I voted for Obama
After all!

It was dreadful
To watch Molotov Cocktails
Ignite a neighborhood
Dollar Store. Those flames
Should have been used
To heat their homes!

I thought:
‘Don’t they know peace
Is only acquired
And sit-ins?’

I ate my last slice,
Noticed a splotch of marinara
On my knuckle.
On the screen
Was the image of a woman bleeding.
Her blood was the same red as my pizza sauce.

I licked my stain away,
Watched as her stain was censored
By a cloud of tear-gas.

I turned off the television
Because I found myself bored
After they began looping
The same footage.
Besides, I needed to rest up
So I would be lucid for work
In the morning.

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