God Bless The U.S.A.


I am not anti-American.
I am American.

How can one be against the whole
Of what they are?

Comparable to the relationship
Between a politician
And the white-film secretion
That resides on their voice.
The same mucus that bubbles
As the anus tightens
Upon the telling of a “Noble Lie.”


I love that S-Corporations
Smile with pleasure
At the revealing of Tax Reforms.

I love that voters have opinions
At the exit polls,
But no motivation
To question the results.

I love that fingers are arthritic, bloodied, and
Calloused from holding cardboard.
Be it on the street corner,
Or in a warehouse.


Where a debate among living tax dollars
Blinks nickel & dimed eyelashes
For each brooding wish to eat.

And it’s not race relations,
Or class struggles.
And it’s not child labor,
Or living wages.
That define my love.

There’s a cultural (mis)understanding-
Sought by those privileged few
That cannot appreciate
-Free food-Only after urine is inspected
For corruption.

I LOVE THIS COUNTRY. Because I can. I think?

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