Yes, I am The Soul Curator


“Don’t smile. Just think of the number of people who-who become absentees every day. There must be thousands and thousands, and probably they’re sorted out by-by understrappers, you know what I mean. Stupid employees who don’t know their job.”-Sartre (No Exit)

Yes, I am the Soul Curator. If time contained relevance here, my eyes would strain from reading names, like human eyes before a screen, or blinking at blooming foliage. Never once contemplating process…rather living, enjoying this continuation of absurdity.

Death will retain all things organic. Judgment does not adhere to questioning ‘reason.’ I’ve told Socrates, Hitler, and Ronald Reagan about their new space. No greater than a prison cell.
Sodomites and the wealthy, equals.

There’s no retaliation to a strike from God!

Yes, I am the Soul Curator. Heaven is exclusive, selective, and violent. Being that Hell was created from necessity. Love is awarded to free-will rejection.

Join the exceptional and be enslaved.
Reject enslavement and suffer freedom.

Be conscious,
Death has no prejudices.

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