O’ Next of Kin


O’ Next of Kin?
Do warts in HD smell better than white screens?
“To tell the truth.
The screen isn’t white. It’s a collection of red, blue, and green dots
That spill across the screen
Like guts torn from an animal.”
O’ Next of Kin?
Thou speakest in Modernist splendor.
Ahem. Cough.
“Last night I painted the white screen black.”
“And now all I see is censorship.”
How is it?
“I stopped masturbating and explored the
Sidewalks saturated by sunlight.”
O’ Next of Kin…
I liked it better when the newspaper was a thing I picked up,
That left a film of ink on my fingertips.
“As opposed to what now?”
A headline disguised as a identity.

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