And Jesus Walked from His Grave and Said “LIVE!”


When humans pursue authentic freedom,
The masses lose their chains.
But in the process of bisecting from prison walls,
The masses strip stones from the foundation
And carry rubble along the way.

Littering Babylon with the stones
From which it was built.

The cleanliness of the Haves
Is determined by the will to clean
Of the Have-Nots.

When a misting of bleach clings to the air like Mustard Gas,
Four story souls wash bird feces off the glass of impressive windows.
-Gawked at by water cooler conversationalists
-Too consumed with a cliche to appreciate the convenience of plastic water.

Perhaps authentic freedom,
Provides the opportunity
For fascism to flourish.

Authentic freedom
Is a massive conspiracy
To keep America clean.
Perpetrated by a community
Of wealthy-Caucasian-crackers.
We’re stimulated by the notion of experience,
Afraid of the consequences accomplished from knowing.
We’re borrowing answers from the past
To establish a present truth,
And always living for tomorrow.

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