I Will Not Sell What I Can Give.


“And isn’t a beautiful day!”
But what makes this day different from the others?

(Sunlight is commonplace
Ruling over shadow
Enlightening eyes
Trapped in a morning squint)

Last night’s rainfall
Drenched green creation.
When I open the blinds
Sunlight glimmers off the lawn
Like aluminum glinting in a salvage yard.

I leave to encounter the day
Find a worm writhing-
Guts squandered over blacktop,
And I crouch near the impending carcass
Lean close to shout:
Because all dying ought to reminded of such
In their final moments.

Honking cars travel past
Their mufflers clanging
In a repetitive beat reminiscent of a steel drum.
Their noises align perfectly
With the song birds,
In a chorus of nature and innovation!

I spot an old friend
We discuss old times.
His skin is amber coated,
Jaundiced from years of drinking.
But his flesh tone is beautiful!
Matching that of sunlight,
Of sunflowers,
Of a smoker’s yellow teeth situated in a smile!

To the world I say,

Be tormented and beautiful!

For love never sells
It gives!

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