A Letter From a Luddite

Economics Wordle

“The learned ignore the evidence of their senses to preserve the coherence of the ideas of their imagination.”
― Adam Smith

Under what conditions do diamonds fracture like secondhand earthenware?
And find detergent viable as saliva,
Inside this fracture
Enamel once flourished (drool) (dish water)
But endurance diminishes,
-Once in a moment-
For the past dictates our comforts.

Phantom limb.
Phantom tooth,
I endure thy haunting!

Within the advice of comfort,
I find an answer:
“You’ll get used to it.”
Under what conditions is the progress of “Used to it” measured?

I tickle the phantom.
I lick the botched root canal
Like a clitoris.
With my tongue
Comes infection,
Comes human behavior,
Comes the lessons of greed,
Comes the directions of morality.

And so is a smile imperfect?
And so is inequality a necessity
When incentives control the progress
Of morality?

She keeps a partial torso on the bed,
Poses her fingers underneath the lampshade,
To form a shadow puppet that narrates the darkness.

Bestiality becomes a fight for survival.

“Why does the light remain hidden?”

“Because the strength of richness comes from another’s fingers.”

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