Funeral for a Clown


Valiant as it is to paint a dead clown
His carcass will never perform again!

-He’ll be remembered
Lax before a mirror,
Sponge dipped in white grease-paint.
Remnants of last night’s performance
In the spirals of his fingerprints,
Brushed from the meaty part of his cheeks
Where his smile flourished.

The details of his funeral
Are posted in the events section
Of the newspaper. The editor speculated,
That, it would be a cliche to attract random eyes
To a clown’s obituary.
“After all”
He stated. “It’s quality entertainment, that is,
A clown’s funeral. Imagine the final honk
Of his red nose as the coffin lid is closed
Upon it!” He laughed! “Imagine the applause!
After-all even the final bow is routine.”

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