Loving my Life in a Cult!


An oversexed flower
Blushes pollen, ravished by a bumblebee
The flower screams
Like dying rabbits
Played over loudspeakers 
To torture the Davidians at Waco.

And here;
I force a smile,
Take her hand
Imagine her uterus
Pooling by our toes-
As we dance under moonlight.

The gift of burden,
Disco. And here;
Oversexed flowers
Take root in the earth.
And use a rotting beehive
For fertilizer.

I force a smile,
Taker her hand.

We rub cocaine over our canker sores.

To null the developing sting
We drink pulls of whiskey
That tastes like childhood.

I say
“Will you love me forever?”

“This isn’t customer service…” She responds.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…”
She takes another pull.
“I’ll love you until this bottle ends.”

I blush like an oversexed flower.
“That’s not very long.”
I say.

“Life is as long as you want it to be,
Could last as long as that whiskey bottle,
Could last ten years after we’ve thrown it away!”

I force a smile,
Take her hand.

She does the same
Back to me.

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