The World is Ending and No One Knows How to Describe What’s Happening


As English acquired dominance,
As Danish became Swedish,
In all the pleasant conquests
Of military onslaughts,
An established outline of symbols
Anchored in popular thoughts.

I guess,
When I jerked off into a sock
I achieved the same climax
As if I was unloading
Into a female’s genitalia.
A gun in the face meant
Keep thy mouth open.
A cock in the face meant
Open up?

Are we disinterested,
Or uninterested?

Are we speaking English,
Or broken English?

Is a babbling, inebriated, vagabond
A master of semantics?

Or has language and thought
Become generalized through force
By way of academia’s inheritance of wealth?

Whatever the answer is
The pleasure of expressing
FUCK THAT! Will remain a constant mud hook.

Rather it be a Harvard professor,
Or a street poet expressing their soul
To the dirt.

We all die on our knees.
And the last words to escape our lips
Sounds the same in any language.

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