When a Child Dies of Starvation All We Discuss is What They Ate.


“If only one had something to eat, just a little, on such a clear day!”-Knut Hamsun

I have
Good news
And bad news.
God is real,
But so is hunger. When I heard prayers go unanswered,
Whispered like shameful gossip, while standing in a chow line.
I wondered if Satan had a better understanding of reality,
As opposed to the creator of it all.
After all-
Isn’t Satan another one of God’s creatures
Trapped in an existential crisis? Waiting in bitter irony
For a prophesied death
After seven trumpets shriek
And bruises acquired from Jesus’ clenched fists.
We’re given life
A frail gift that requires constant nourishment
And attendance.
When hunger comes
…When hunger comes and there’s no food
What should one of God’s creatures do?
I want to believe in absolute truths;
I even fiend for them. But we’re a species
That believes in killing to achieve peace.
A species that has enough food in abundance
That we throw it away and consider it trash.
Trash. What we need to survive is trash?

Tomorrow a child will die of starvation;
I guarantee it. So I pray not to end hunger, or war
We have the means to do that on our own. I pray for more Earth,
So that we may bury our hungry dead comfortably.

And together we laugh with Satan
Because what else are God’s creatures supposed to do,
But discover the jokes?

One thought on “When a Child Dies of Starvation All We Discuss is What They Ate.

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