Retiring the Human in Me


Stoic whimpers anchor inside the throat.
Repeat the condition,
-All too human-
-All too human-
While picking dandruff off wood grain panels
& silver sweatshirts.

How often
Are the faces in stock photos
Post-mortem images?
Textbooks, training manuals,
Corporate calendars,
Advertising ghosts
Disguised in expensive ink.

Some die while their plain image lives
Becoming a martyr for the banal.

But think of those that loved
The plain sex organs,
And stayed up all night
Petting stoic whimpers
From swollen throats.

While standing in the frozen food section
Of a grocery aisle
Reading nutritional facts
Off processed food packages,
We won’t recall neighboring faces
Observed at a stoplight
On the way to the market.

So each generic moment
Is a victory against death?

The tragedy is
That a creature never loses
-All too human-

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