The Reason I Became a Liberal.


A heavy morning I could tote. When Beth sat down into the booth
Her FUPA folded as it pressed against the table. Hypnotized by an overspill
Of bulk
I navigated the maze of cotton displayed before me;
Envisioned class warfare between skin flakes and lint.
They barricaded behind a wall of blubber
That Beth nurtured like a child. Heard them scream racial epithets
That charmed the hungry
And starved the fed.
Then I became normal, and egg yolk abortion scrambled.
By the outskirts of the plate
Fragments of toast marched in a circle
Protesting for pro-life conditions. Beth smacked her lips,
A chicken’s fetus dripped down her chin
Became entangled in a compilation of whiskers
That protruded from an oblong shaped mole
Positioned where her chin peaked. And all I wanted
But I quit. Because I became liberal while waiting for the bus
Purely out of boredom
And I needed a reason to complain to make the morning interesting.

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