As Imaginary as an Existentialist’s Purpose


Encapsulating fruit flies
Inside an empty
Taco Bell bag. They navigate the dark
By skimming across wrinkles-
Claustrophobia induced. “Eh, I crumpled advertisements
On the Sabbath.” When I open their playground-
Exhale halitosis into their galaxy. Reminding them
I AM GOD. Mark Twain described the fly
As a superior creature. But the days of trusting a Mississippi riverboat adventure
For inspiration
Have the gone the way of
Virgins trusting virtue. As rainfall descends upon the windows,
My face becomes pixilated.
To the outside world-
I am a fruit fly
Inside a Taco Bell bag. But to the syringes,
And missed phone calls
I AM GOD…Psychosis driven repentance
Anoints plausible explanations
For this suicide attempt. Where faith has failed me
Creativity succeeded. And I am as imaginary
As an existentialist’s purpose.

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