Dogs Hiding Chocolate From Mutts.


There’s a
Living out of his
And he’s purifying his bedroom
In the gas station’s parking lot.

We make eye contact in waves,
As I teeter to balance my toppling bladder,
Waiting for my taxi.

He moistens a newspaper
With blue liquid from a spray bottle,
Swirls yesterday’s headlines
Over his dashboard-

The lyrics of everyday are narrated by his incoherent gibberish,
Voiced to his chest
As he tucks his lips
Towards his heart.

Those who sing for the dodo bird
Rehearse elegies through spontaneous vibrato.
He doesn’t know that I am responding.
We talk for a few minutes
Until my taxi arrives.
I say hello
The driver responds the same.
We lurk past
Living in his
Van. The driver mumbles,
“Fucking weirdos.” We sit in silence
For the 5 minute ride,
The lyrics of everyday muted
By normalcy.

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