Thoughts On Iran Deal.

John Kerry entered office when Ted Cruz was two. The term “career politician” disturbs some, myself, I feel disturbed about this on some issues but not all. I don’t think someone who has been valuable to our political structure (whether you agree with it or not), who knows the major players by now, not to mention John Kerry is a veteran, would place the populations of Earth at risk of nuclear war. I don’t trust the government forthright, such giving would enable blind control
however, I don’t dismiss the notion that our democracy could work, and does for the most part. There’s no great conspiracy, that is if a person remains an active citizen, I really don’t believe the Illuminati built pyramids to brainwash Hispanics to vote for Donald Trump. Life is random. Conspiracy theorists are people who cannot acknowledge this fact. There’s a reason so much money is being spent on elections and why corporations built a ladder in the 70s to the Supreme Court, flexing muscles with each step, seducing the notion they are indeed, humans. Thankfully, the climb took awhile which proves the vagarious process (that was) set forth to prevent such unbalanced control from manifesting. For confirmation look at the reforms lawmakers passed after Nixon was impeached, a major bill had to
do with campaign finances and transparency of donors and a cap on how much a candidate could receive. “They” for lack of a proper noun, (they are so generic and sleazy why give them a name), have some control, but not all.
There’s been billionaires attempting to run for office since democracy existed, give or take a few million. And that was the hope that Obama ran off, the energy that
our democracy works and together we can change things for better! Democracy did happen in the GOP sweep of 2010 making things difficult for progressive reforms to become law, but things have been interesting and not completely
terrible…yet. To complete this rambling parade of thoughts, I would like to state-John Kerry wouldn’t place his family at risk of nuclear war. He’s not a villain. He’s only human. He’s only a lawmaker. He can’t change
hearts & minds, he can only make laws.

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