What’s Left of the Body After it Explodes?


Employing a doxy with purple hair as a Demigod.
But that’s not a compliment
(I am an atheist) A dumpster lid spreads
A puff of flies encircles the air

Through a translucent garbage bag
Study the tie-dye exuberance
Rotting vegetables contain.

A hole in the bag prompts mold ridden tomatoes
To discover freedom
(resting) amid more slop.

Curl inside my chest
While an anxious arrhythmia
Drum rolls a pattern of steps.
Traffic is bumper to bumper.
An invisible authority.
A Demigod. But I have voodoo dolls
Made from her purple hair.

A person’s nose will itch
Whenever others are discussing them.
I like to think it’s flies
Crawling on their voodoo dolls
That produces such an effect.

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