I Love Her and then Something Happens.

lib upside down1

A nursing student once informed me,
Amidst a drunken stupor,
That due to my love of stimulants
And a vacancy of all things consistent
With ordinary bliss,
That I’d never experience happiness
In its purest form. As he described,
I abused my neurotransmitters
Until they cowered like a neglected mutt.
However, I began reading Romantic theories.
Got lost in the daydreams of William Blake and
Keats. Which in bio-theory
Science as a religion type life universal grandeur,
Describes romantic notions
As a failed enlightenment. Contrary
To what the proxies of the banal
Advocate as living candidly. What the nursing student
Failed to consider
Is the power contained within a muse’s laughter.

And I love her.

And I love her.
Truly happy.

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