Thoughts On The GOP Debate.

What first attracted my interest was watching the candidates walk to the stage, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz sauntered alone-stoic in their defiance and isolation. Walker too ambled alone, but I imagine his distance was a political move to prove his “aggressive normalcy,” an outsider of the usual Washington troupe. Which I feel was the theme of the debate, establishing a separation from the usual Washington conformists. Slaves to their donors, as Trump declared (not verbatim). A candidate that would make Ayn Rand’s skeleton sprout a prick out of pure erotic satisfaction. This of course is the spine of Trump’s campaign, which expounds why Bush (hilarious to hear him distance himself from a lineage that helped place him on that very stage (some people’s kids(yeesh))) described his rejection of Trump building casinos in Florida, to which Trump caterwauled a sequence of witty quips that did nothing but make the audience chuckle like a studio audience responding to an applause signage lit up in neon. Of course Huckabee went on and on about Christian oppression. Citing the example of a Kentucky oppressor waving her rights around like a pervert flashing their cock to little children…but I digress because among the shouting matches came a voice of clarity. That of Carly Fiorina’s performance, which ought to have convinced any conservative that she deserved their support among the clowns spitting flames. However, something that frustrates me about a new female candidate is she’s immediately compared to Hillary. As if her candidacy is the blueprint upon which every female politician must construct her candidacy from. BUT! If Hillary and Carly both get the nominations (we’ll see what happens when the delegates crack their whips) the presidential debates would end up becoming a wonderful display of informed rhetoric. Because watching Trump putter like an anus farting silent methane that provides no sound but still leaves a smell made Fiorina appear as the proper butt plug to prevent a gas leak from filling the room. So, as I flash back to 2012 remembering how Bachman, Perry, and Cain were at one point “front runners,” I cannot help but believe in the voters, in our democracy. For Trump, Carson, Walker, etc…will end up not only sinking their ships but exploding them to high Hell! Which is where I imagine dead Republicans end up-burning in an abyss, trying to find a way to market their pain.

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