When a Super Villain Burns a Pile of Cash…

Well. Let’s reprint the bastards. End of story.
It’s not that simple.
What do you mean?
I mean $175,000 isn’t worth what it was 6 months ago.
*A few rabbles stomp their feet onto the hardwood floors
A roaring bass reverberates throughout the room*
Order. Order. You…You. Imbeciles!
We have interest rates, uh, other, things.
We could just keep it burnt, and, ya know, raise the wealth of what’s left.
Typical. Leave the poor with less!
You mean the wealthy with less!
*Half the audience wags their fingers and shrieks at the others*
Order. Order. You…You. Ignoramuses.
If I could embed into this shallow speech
A quote from the great Adam Smith
(Insert Adam Smith quote)
*The narrator and audience each invent their own definitions-
Applause of false understandings explode across the aisles…
Then it’s agreed. We print twice as much and share our wealth
With whatever retrograded industrialized confided populations
Are willing to stand atop the stain.
*Everybody laughs*

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