Thoughts On Tinder.

Tinder would’ve been a useful tool for the Third Reich. A swipe of Hitler’s finger could’ve implemented certain expiration for those un-lucky (thousand) few. And those shallow enough to degrade humankind to symmetrical features and blond-ish hair are merely practicing what perfection will never reach, completion through replaceable judgment. What do I mean by this? I mean that “TRUE” romance, the kind that inspired Emerson to weep and Wordsworth to trust aesthetic reliability wasn’t measured by finger swipes, (a face that could be replaced). Think about it, a lover shouldn’t be an object whose initiation into yr. life was based off how the light struck their nose casting a perfect shadow to encase their best side. Point being-photographs LIE! Don’t experience life through one sense that is easily corrupted. Experience it through the intelligence the body requires to achieve enlightenment, nirvana, or whatever label seems appropriate to the reader.

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