Like Sleeping Humans And Dead Dogs Pretending to Die


Jose always appears muddled when sleeping.
I prefer to think that he’s so delighted while dreaming,
He’s confused.
I tried to confirm my speculation,
But discussing with the comatose
Is like talking to the living dead.
I had to make judgments
Based off expressions.
(amateur psychoanalysis)
So went his repetition of human behavior.

And I compared his expressions
To the moment
When I read aloud
Dewey’s theories on education
And Descartes’ cogito ergo sum
We both kind-of stared off into the distance
Like bastard mutts attempting to recognize their fathers.

But isn’t it strange
That happiness depicts a fleeting description
While despair remains a rooted occurrence?
Easier to recognize
And study.

I almost shook Jose
To confirm my hypothesis-
But it seemed a shame
To interrupt nirvana.

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