My Review of The Antics Show. AKA Why My Calf Muscles Have Been Sore for Two Days.


The same conditions that make Christmas appealing are the same that make raves appealing. The lighting is dimmed to a darker hue, blunts are lit like incense in a church, flashing lights gleam exasperating intense pageantry, and people in bright colors sing & dance in a celebration of all things jolly. Perhaps humans discovered this formula for mass appeal long ago; perhaps its origins linger in the days of Neanderthals gathering around a fire, grunting incomprehensible phonics to celebrate the illumination. Whatever the catalyst the end result is crystal clear: RAVES ARE FUCKING FUN!

When Antics took the stage a calm moment existed before the first power chord was struck, and as it reverberated throughout the room and the bass kicked in-so did the frenzy. A caste of pink haired girls, men with cocked hats, pacifier sucking delinquents, and a wandering bachelorette party took to the dance floor. They swirled around each other in organized chaos. Limbs thrown about like meat at a butcher shop. One of my best friends lit up his poi and twirled them around, a makeshift rainbow cascaded across the dark room, while Antics’ stage lights flashed various insignia enhancing the music ten-fold. At one point the DJ lingered at the edge of the stage with a tequila bottle, he poured shots to those that asked, in the fashion of a mama bird regurgitating food into the baby bird’s mouth. I was even lucky enough to receive one of said shots; such intimacy with a fan base should be celebrated (so I thank him for that). The show concluded with a couple of women taking the stage. They danced before our mystified gazes, in what I can only describe as an attempt to steal the spotlight, but their endeavor failed. All attention and gratitude was directed towards Antics.

Two days later my roommates and I are limping around the apartment. Nursing our legs, sore from dancing so much, it’s a pleasant pain, one that feels well earned, and we have Antics to thank for that.
Kudos, boys.

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