Bloodborne Pathogens


The first lucid breath greets the body to an impromptu mainstay.
Even when influenced by clanging church bells,
Or yapping cell phones-
A fixed inhale will leave a mirage
For the structure of an exhaled reality.

I usually take this breath around 12:30pm,
This afternoon no exception.
But as defects can assure,
I silenced my alarm
And read a text that stated:
You should take a Civil Service test
To become a probation officer.

(and what I didn’t say)
Sometimes syringe savages will fill a public sharps container with water,
The theory is that some will float to the top-
To be taken away and reused.

I learned that while in jail
From a tweaking squawk-box
Whose voice would do well
Adopted as a cell phone alarm.
His probation officer placed him in jail.
And he would often piss himself,
I imagine it had something to do
With kidney failure. We never bothered asking him.

The thing is…
Probation officers treat their clients like used syringes.
And I’d rather reuse them
Instead of casting them away as pariahs.

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