A Sedated Child is a Controllable Adult.


When he was 12
The school nurse suggested to his parents
An Adderall prescription
To help thwart the madness
The young boy conspired. By 16 his teeth began to rot
From sanctioned amphetamine abuse.

The priest suggested to his parents
That they place a soul inside his cavities.
But rot succumbing to silver & gold
Is a disguise.

And meth use requires perfect failure to succeed.

So he continued the routine
Of each school morning
Like a decapitated cockroach
Jiving the last few seconds of life.

When I spotted him recently
Outside the Salvation Army,
He explained how the government
Stopped providing him with food stamps,
“But I still have my Adderall prescription,”
He surmised while exposing a toothless grin.

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