Communicating a Love of Stupidity Ala Smart Phone

smartphone kills alarm clock

Autumn process scents the air with impairment,
Or maybe that’s the scent of money being passed around.
Death is quite a whore.

This is a time where vents attached to dryers
Fog the sidewalks with detergent scented steam.

3pm sunsets
Force parchment
To be quenched by liquidating choice phrases
To swallow ethics from a glass,
Titillating throats like carbonation.

But the United States never sleeps in its own bed.
And a recent study suggests that bullies & rapists respond best to shame.

But a natural order eradicated human causation.
And nature is only ours through understanding.

In a perfect act of rebellion
I sliced numerous parking tickets
Into snowflakes. I pinned them onto parking meters
Just to add aesthetic value.

We came close to understanding-
What is,
Is. But as what is
What is not,
Nothing then became
What is now.

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