Thoughts On Terrorism

When outlining homo-erectus on a morality scale one needs to observe the curvature of the spine to understand the weight of what it means to be human. Inside our upright bodies contains all the choices a vacant creature requires to feel full. Thus we feast upon our consequences, but sometimes the feast ends in pure carnal diarrhea as opposed to peaceful digestion. Why is this? Because all we can do is understand life we cannot control it. When people seek control, when they plot, when they desire fallout the pit becomes bottomless. And staring up from a pit is only comforting when there’s a way-out, but what if there isn’t? Often I hear rumors of rats chewing their legs off when trapped on a Glue-Board. Imagine watching a legless rat scuttle across the floor, dragging a bloodied phantom limb to freedom, only to reach the ultimate freedom, of course, that of death. This mentality is tantamount to a terrorist’s intent. We see scattered limbs strewn across the world; some might even be in your living room. Love won’t fix the problem because love is unexplainable. Peace won’t fix the problem because peace is a desire, not a requirement. What we need is plain and simple, what we need is understanding.

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