Ontological Fugitive


Ontological fugitive-
In the presence of royalty
I separate
The image
Of crown.
From factual hallucination.
I.E. What self quantifies and understands
In contrast to what exists.
Discerning the cerebral process required
When rehearsing a political speech,
Or a cashier studying the script pitch
For a new company credit card,
“Sign up today and save 15% on your purchase!”
Rather swipe words off procured lips
Because a magstripe transference is oblivious
To thought and currency. However, time’s vigor
Is forged from the value we place upon its posterior.
Nihilistic splendor will value motionless time
As a God will value confessions from a martyr.
Objects endure the same scrutiny.
Always dying covered in expired skin flakes-
Dust sparkling from phosphorescent echoes,
Cresting in our pupils like screams from a falling angel.

To belong,
Is to recognize
What isn’t. For what’s left
Is what we become.

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