Happy That You’re Happening.


Most of us experience now
By duplicating yesterday.

Some empirical fluctuations occur-
But it’s our concept of time
That describes every moment
As different. Humans would become maddened
And docile if not for this attributor
Keeping civility useful for reality’s sake.

I know some people
That endure Waking Life
For days;
Tasting dreams on the back of their throats,
Where anxiety bends a smile
And bunks a scab.

What heals them
Is submission of thought,
Activated by drinking ink
And pissing blood.
Their pupils contract
As a true routine
Spontaneously appears
In toilet water.

The mind envies the genitals.
Just as stone envies flesh.

Remaining in rot
We sleep.
Remaining in not
We continue.

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