Exploiting The Past to Contradict The Future.


Neanderthal Jesus
Never existed-

Because they couldn’t
Record his martyrdom.

We believe in rumors
To contradict suffering.

Thinking like Jesus
Is an attempt to try heroin,

A crown of syringes
Can infect the mind
With Hep-C.

Should we then
Think away disease?
What will become of our thoughts
If we do?

Diseases should be shared-
Like English,
Bottled water, sprained ankles,
Talking about the weather,
Owning a house, and

I assume that when I peer out the window
The world is looking at me,
As opposed to me
Looking at the world; judging,
Considering worth,
As I do towards spoiled soil.

I’ve been caught
By the pupils of sunsets.

Watched a fleck of light fade
Across the glass
Like a junky’s stare.

From colorless consequences
The need to sleep
Is akin to tragedy
When I choose to breach
The walls of consciousness.

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