Be About It Holidaze Poem Swap

A brief introduction into what this is all about,

“the rules are simple, send us a poem. a silly poem, an embroidered poem, a poem with lots of tassles and maybe flashing lights. the tackier the better. email your poem to by 11:59pm on Monday, December 21. We will gift your poem to another participant, and you will receive another participant’s poem. Post the poem you receive on your tumblr on Tuesday, December 22 and use the hashtag #holidazepoemswap”

Here’s the one I received. Kudos to those who participated.

first kiss, or you (lll)
by sean walsh
we stood on my front stoop
shrouded in darkness
with a porch light that has not worked
since before i moved in
me, hands in my pockets
you, lighting a cigarette
i apologized, as i had been conditioned to,
in case i had been too touchy upstairs
you laughed and said no, it was fine
you aren’t like those internet girls
and reflected on how we’ve known each other
for almost a decade
it was then that i took your face in my hands
and kissed you
and you kissed me
in that moment, nothing else mattered
but you
and me
and that stoop
and that cigarette
and that kiss
i pulled away
despite wanting to stay in that moment forever
and looked at you
and told you that i’d waited a decade to do that
you smiled
and then we made up for lost time

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