Thoughts On 2016


2015 was born and will die in the same period of time. Throughout its life it contended with humanity’s circumstances, as well as the universal Laws of Nature. Granted we, as a species, implanted a lot of suffering, and the perception of suffering was/is in us alone (nature doesn’t give a shit about refugees, etc). So how will 2015 be perceived in the following years to come? Here are some headlines of my own:

White Male Billionaire with Comb Over Declares Himself Savior of Nothing.

U.S. Seeks Peace and Bombs The Shit Out of Those Seeking Peace Too.

Rich Male Buys Drug and Sells His Soul for Wu-Tang.

Kim Kardashian Fucks and Democracy Wins.

Polar Ice Melts from Extreme Heat. Polar Bears Excited for New Hot-Tub.

Socialism is for Angry People While Conservatism is for Angry People.

The Hungry and Disenfranchised are to Remain as Such Until There’s Enough Private Property to Provide them with Ridicule.

Young Black People to be Murdered as Their Serial Killers Roam Free.

It was indeed a perplexing year for those who support freedom…thus we celebrate Armageddon by distorting facts.
The descriptions for a celebration leak as a murmur to passing bodies on concrete, “heyyyy what are your plans for New Years?” Unless a sober tongue meets this question the responses are usually transfixed to their programmed essence. But what does that mean for up-right apes? Why do we celebrate by un-leashing the beast within? For celebrations are nothing more than manufactured, conditioned pomp and a ritualistic leveling of cognitive control. From where does this need for corruption originate?
I think it has to do with a subjective recollection of the previous year. We’re stricken with grief based off our attempts to subdue an absurd world through rational logic. We need time to deconstruct our minds and discombobulate our senses, a time to rely on our instincts for logic, spontaneous solutions and such. A moment of indifference to combat a labeled world. But no matter the indifference towards reality choices will always be endemic to existing. We’re experiencing consequences from our choices with each passing breath. Inhaling what-ifs and exhaling what-nows.
So. What now? What now is we move forward. 2016 will contrive its own consequences, personal and universal. Our responsibility as humans is to be conscious of our choices and understanding of their consequences. The world will never be a better place; it will only be our place. Blank. Once it’s gone so are we, and all the dead years will be forgotten as we meld with stardust.

Happy New Year!

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