Thoughts On Modern Standards of Beauty

The purpose of a trend is to advertise repetition enough that it evolves into a light fixture that slowly loses voltage and blackens into Nietzsche’s coveted abyss. Publicists intensify a tool’s essence by displaying it beside a painted hand or face. Which leads me to ponder: is it a talent to be aesthetically pleasing? Evolutionists claim that our standards of beauty were established long ago when the strongest carcasses carried the tribe’s ambition towards a never ending oasis. Where the strongest carcasses lead us now is towards a mirage, a marketable delusion.
I am inclined to worship a certain bust, but I believe that recognizing desire is akin to being in control of desire. What the subconscious flaunts the conscious pilfers for explanations to behavior. Our need to worship the strongest in order to survive is no longer useful; in-fact it’s crippling our explanations.
And off we limp joyfully towards the abyss.

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