The Conspiracy Agents Responsible for Tailgating


Examining the makeshift puzzle of traffic assimilation-
Traveling at a speed limit (5) under legal standards.
Close enough to a neighboring bumper
That daylight reflects off the driver’s bald patch
And prances across my field of vision.
Why the hold up?

When in sight-BEHOLDS-
The obstruction. A culprit
Motivated by authority
To exist amongst citizens
In the normalcy that is random

Ahead of the culprit-
Measured in grandiose miles
Bumper to bumper.

Behind their automobile,
Striped with patriotic pomp,
Inches of paranoia
Separating bumpers.

Authority signals left-
Ventures towards
A snow coated exploration
For crime.

While with blissful majesty
Our average toes touch the pedals
And accelerate
To break the law
In peace.

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