Thoughts On Iowa Caucus.


Vocal mentors instruct pupils to enunciate from the sternum and exhale harmonized alliteration. If dispatched with proper quality the aesthetic essence shall leave the sonic spectrum numb. Standing ovations are often consequences of this numbness-symbolized by whacking palms repeating motion culminating in bloodied nubs for hands.
Skilled orators recognize this technique and apply it while verbalizing to a crowd. BUT! The most skilled are those equipped with honest language. As an electorate (audience) we’ve been blessed with the most honest orator witnessed in modern times, of course I am referencing Bernie Sanders. He’s not only numbed the sonic spectrum he’s broken the sound barrier by arousing the sternums of young and old. And tonight, tonight the flat land that is Iowa incarnate will echo with the passionate throats of revolutionaries.

The Bern shall ignite and scorch the Earth and in celebration we’ll throw ashes around like confetti!

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