And Why…


“You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense”
-C. Bukowski

And why
Shouldn’t I
Drink 5 cups of coffee,
To stimulate enough elation
To return home?

And why
Shouldn’t alcoholics
Shriek to convey madness
When the truth emerges?

And why
Can’t I
Proclaim my love
For you?

And why
Shouldn’t I
Contemplate suicide
While sheltering my eyes
From sunlight
Echoing off smiles
Replacing eye contact?

For each moment
Qualifies another sorrow.

Another reason to proclaim survival,
Or sleep in well past noon.

And if it comes to this,
Blame society?

One thought on “And Why…

  1. Why shouldn’t you? I’ll tell you why… Because I will drag your ass from the depths of Hell and stomp allover it. 😉

    I know you won’t post this (or even read it), so I’ll be all motherhen-like and say the following:

    Whoever she is (if she exists, you poets are such diabolical liars) ain’t worth the loss of breath.

    This is beautiful, however. Keep being. Keep becoming. I need more beautiful in my life. Cheers, chulo. xox


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