Peaceful Riots are Akin to Organized Chaos


Degenerates are either neglected
Or spoiled
Like syphilitic organs.

As they course
Define their behavioral traits
For them. For them?

And they work
In retail. And they get promoted
To average management. And
Devotion remains in their hearts
Like worshiped profanities.

So they return to their kitchen tables
Assemble the habitual
Where father sits
And mother stares through walls.
-Questioning gas prices
-Chewing plastic steak
Purchased via an employee discount.

With pruned fingers
Cognated from soaking in dishwater
They apply a crumpled touch
Onto remote controls,
Measuring time
By scheduled television shows;
Frolicking their senses
Through pixilated distortions
Of the human condition. That spoils their beliefs
And neglects everything else.

It’s such an extraordinary involvement
To participate in the changes
Of tomorrow
While living in the confines
Of patterned free will. Defined
By consequences
Aroused by choices.

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