3 Chords for The Slack-jawed


Kim claimed to be a preacher’s daughter.
Following each liquid touch
Kim would preach,
“Oh lord!” As she wiped herself clean.
Inside a pocket of Earth
Concealed by pedigree and soil
Lives the Velveteen Rabbit-

As I step over its home
I whisper to its door,
“May your life be as cozy as a legend.”
I was advised to reclaim European heritage-
So I promised frogs for dissection
To coveting school children. I purchased them
From a Farmer’s Market. Clichéd in its involvement
To cleanse produce of capitalism.
Cuba nationalized its agriculture.
Hemingway wrote about
Transferring revolutionaries
During the Great Depression.

None of that
Turned out well.

And when I watch an oar
Dip into water
A fractured prism
Gleams off plummeting droplets
And disperses into ripples
As it touches water again
In reciprocal hope-

I lean my ear
Towards respective ripples
Envisioning the lapping sound
Of tiny waves
As echoes from the Big Bang.

I start laughing
As if each echo
Is a joke.

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