Bernie Sanders and His Elderly Crew of Merry Flatulators


The ageing “hippie” is an archetype Peter Pan; actualizing vanity while fornicating under showering fairy-dust (fairy-dust is a metaphor for all vices). Their quest for revolution was abandoned when it got too hard to be revolutionary. They doled out household chores in lieu of picket-sings and chanted parenting favors instead of rhyming battle cries. Which brings us to their crescendo, their shot of adrenaline, their revamped Jimi’s Star Spangled Banner, and Kent State, all wrapped up in a brand-new tortilla!

Bernie Sanders Revolution!

His campaign has done more for the gray clad armpit hair carriers, thinning elongated beard wearers, make-up less wrinkled faces, leftist granola eating consumers than any living campaign. Granted Kerry marched with them on the front-lines, but (HELL!) Bernie was arrested defending those front-lines.
However, unlike the ageing hippies that deserted freedom for a retirement plan Bernie has remained consistent. His campaign is the LAST gasp taken before a corpse swallows its tongue and shits its pants. And it’s that type of stamina that will drag our collectivist bodies through fire and floe to caption a moment in time written in blood.

I’ll die fighting.
Will you?

2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders and His Elderly Crew of Merry Flatulators

  1. Do NOT post this comment please, but I adore your fervor. I do not agree with Bernie’s economic policies because I do not think he knows how to add two plus two. At the end of the day, this country needs accountants who understand how to balance the ledger, it’s the only way to finance any programs that are worthy of financing, but I love your passion. I’m going to canvass for Kasich until June 6th, then after the primary, if Kasich fails to secire the nomination, I will likely vote for Gary Johnson because after Kasich, he will be the best hope for this nation’s needs. Hilary is a fucking scumbag & Trump is a disgusting human being, but I think Bernie is a good guy, even if I don’t believe in his economics. You inspire me. I absolutely love you. xoxo


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