An Existentialist and a Dictator Walk Into a Bar…


The Human Condition
Requests compulsory animations
To discharge as
Routine gestures
-Cashier greeting
-Smiling for a picture
-Parking idle
While authorities discredit
Absolutes for a pattern
-Trusting the economy
Etc, Etc, Etc…
Structured disciplines
That modulate
Jurisdictions through surveillance.

Lenses that explore voyeuristic absurdities
As passionate as a caste of perverts hidden
Behind a bush.

But the mind isn’t a Blank Canvas.

Nature is random
And when erecting
A brain-
Automated procedures
Dispose hereditary traits
At the whim of a genome’s devotion.

We squander liberty from birth
And replace it with communal mandates.

Freedom only lives through us
In theory.

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