Free Will Practiced Under the Control of Stimulants


Whenever Rita appears
She’s texturing her nostrils
With baking-soda-
Numbing cognition
To environmental clout.

She realized long ago
That sad men will pollute air
With imitation breaths
Just to taste her cough.

And that allocated
Each breath as a compromise,
Stagnated by momentary hope.

Free Will cauterized
The wounded implications.

So when Rita mounted her fingers
Atop my forearm

And raised my shirtsleeve and arm-hair

I separated rational foresight
From impulse. She said,
“I am sorry I have to go!
We’ll hang out soon!”
While compulsory
Altering her bangs,
Lathering follicles
With perspiration
Induced by an incentive
To remain young forever.

“I won’t be counting the seconds,”
I replied-and
Watched beer crest along the lip of her glass,
Before teetering over as droplets
That kissed her knuckles
And shook off her trembling fingers
Steady as a lonely housewife’s vibrator.

Soon the populace
Will decorate their puppet-strings

And implement designs into popular culture
That shall remain
Like a celebrity’s shadow.

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