Menstruating Genomes


I endorsed the spontaneous menstrual stain
Shaped like melting cherry Jell-O,
Separating our writhing anatomies
On white sheets.

But men aren’t supposed to discuss such stains.

Perhaps that’s why she felt ashamed.

Embedding her fingers
Into the hotel’s mattress
Scrubbing with fury
Consuming period-blood
With pruned fingertips.

We’re not supposed to discuss such stains,

So I’ve placed the topic
Inside a narrative-
Something commonplace to humanity
But still subjective with intent.

“It’s fine,”
I told her.
And she felt ashamed.

“No one will care,”
I told her.
And she felt ashamed.

“Perhaps they should feel ashamed.”
And she asked who they were.

They is a pronoun.
Meant to formulate the generic
In lieu of absurd labels.

If we can recognize
The importance of generic descriptions
Then I’ll abandon inclusive reactions
For something more human.
-To taste her flesh
Regardless of its normal condition.

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