Random Answers From a Demigod


A raucous bath fan teased the obligations of inside air,
And exposed absurdist control to frail thunder
That reverberated through the bathroom wall and
Massaged dusty corners, lied to silence.

I intertwined fingers
Molded a flesh pillow
Rested my scalp and
Reflected on the day.

A rogue physicist explained anti-matter
While ingesting a pitcher of craft beer,
Which caused his breath
To aromatize the air with Bud Light
And slurred dialect
That described Einstein’s genius
And complicated equations,
“The world is white light!”
He exclaimed with veering pupils,
And panicked gestures
Frantic as a zebra
Surrounded by hunters
Hidden in tall grass. He spoke like a man convinced
Of only answers, or perhaps it was confidence
In absurdity, conscious of purposeless murder
And sex, vengeful allotments scattered
Throughout time and space.

We ended our conversation in argument-
A heated debate over which whiskey
Sealed the night properly. We couldn’t agree
But I bought his shot
And he bought mine,
“To humanity,” he proposed as a toast.
I raised my glass to meet his already anchored in air,
We clinked the edges and swallowed our fanfare answers.

One thought on “Random Answers From a Demigod

  1. You’re so cute. This was sweetness and light. I’d like to mold a flesh pillow out of you! Would have been fun to be a fly on the wall. The exchange of thoughts is truly the greatest gift one human being can give to another. Cin Cin!


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