Thoughts on Singularity


The singularity has begun and less intense than prophesied, after-all, Nostradamus’ mouth formulated like an open toed foot, but imprints from lips are less unique and often moist compared to their phalange cousins. That’s why prophets often drown their messages with words, enticing a loose lipped public to lock their jaws agape and complain of sore throats while obeying. So, to approach singularity as Foucaltian as possible we must examine the minuscule devices that produce stimuli-response occurrences.
Picture if thy will strolling forth down an assiduous sidewalk populated with metropolis pomp, various homeless with signs, wall-street aficionados compressed inside designer labels, docile expressions sedated from smog and advertisements, a collage of grunts, car horns and screaming hot-dog vendors sonically advising ambiance, when a breeze heavy as fog adjusts a cellphone inside thine pocket triggering a counter to grasp the device and check for a text, only to reveal a dark screen. The stimuli response of vibration followed by notification.
We’ve mechanized symbols throughout human history to unite firing neurons of divergent origins. Machinery claiming its essence through convenience adapted to submit rewards to drooling lustful stares reliable like Pavlov’s mutts. The machines are inside us dictating submissive end goals that rely on human spontaneity.

I commend the Luddites but let the commendations resound from my throat and not a Facebook beam.

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