I had a cup of coffee

And it tasted like a light switch

Fingered too many times.


And it appears

That any form of plastic

Accosted by humans

Tastes the same.


But some humans

Like the taste of money.

(that’s why billionaires horde

(they like filth and fingers


But I had old coffee

And $.50 white bread

That I picked up

From the local food pantry.


And I said

To the white bread

Social worker,

“Look lady

I’ll give you $.50.

I work fulltime.

I am just broke this week

Because I’ve got a dollar a day habit

And the television needed new shoes.”


So we drank old coffee

And the caffeine permeated

Inside our bloodstreams

Which caused us to fuck.


So I ate her white bread

As the doorbell chimed

Alerting us

Of entering patrons

And she said,

“Let me do my job.”

And I said,

“Look lady

They’ll all be billionaires




$.50 White Bread and Old Coffee

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